Post-conference Letter From Charles Savage

Date: 06 May 96 09:43:47 EDT
From: Charles M. Savage
To: All participants
Subject: A Hearty Thanks

I don't know about you, but I have joy in my heart, and yet my head is still spinning from all the wonderful interaction this weekend. Have finally recovered from the laughter of Colleen's wonderful language metaphor silliquey, and I am back on my air craft carrier chugging along (thanks Gene)!

You are all very special, especially through the moebius like interplay of tacit and explicit knowledge. And the values stuff still has me spinning. I see Brian's approach as a spiral, for as we spin past the 8th stage, we return to the first and second stages, we on a higher level and our foundation values become even more significant, i.e., intimacy takes on a whole new meaning.

Hubert, as we got in touch with our own human capital, we created a structure of understanding which is making it possible to reach our own customers in exciting new ways... the model works, as is seen in the pioneering efforts of Jo-Anne, Gordon, Charles, Brenda, Francesco, Laura and the others.

A special thanks to Bob and Ed for helping to put our words (spell corrected) on the Internet.

And a very special word of thanks to Theresa and Ted for support which did not only delight, but frankly it was awe inspiring.

As you reflect and sort out and feel, do let us know of the significant meaning moments you experienced. Send them to me and I will put them in our home page, or send them directly when Ed has it set up. We need to keep the dialogue going.

Thanks everyone,


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